Sharufa Academy

Transforming people and businesses

Sharufa Academy helps companies build their B-BBEE points through our Skills Training Academy that connects your employees to the resources they need.

People are our greatest resource

The cost of hiring and training new employees in-house from scratch is a resource draining exercise. Sharufa Academy assists companies to tap into the existing potential from within, empowering employees who are already integrated with the company culture, with the skills and training they need to rise and excel.

Change is local

Change comes from within through individuals working in harmony to achieve the same goals. Top leaders must enlist leaders at every level in the effort to change. This team of local leaders has to share a vision of the desired culture and work together to create and carry out the plans for change. Equipping people with the right tools gives them the right foundation, to be future ready for internal promotional opportunities, thus becoming tomorrow's leaders.

Skills Training Academy Courses

Business Administration

High-quality training instilling the basic building blocks to empower employees to identify, develop and implement business strategy. Learners will develop enhanced understanding of business practices and increased expertise with the core business components.

Call Center / Contact Center Support and Administration

In an ever competitive business economy the call center operative is often the first contact ambassador of the business. Sharufa Academy training provides the highest grade of excellence in customer support skills, communication, information capture and building customer loyalty. Our courses also provide for people who have mobility / disability challenges.

End User Computing

Information is the backbone of a business and computers are used to create, process and disseminate vital information across the company network. Disruptions to this data flow through lack of knowledge or skills can be costly for any company. Sharufa Academy places the right skills at the computer users' fingertips.

Advancing Economic Transformation Through B-BBEE

Sharufa Academy is invested in the economic empowerment of our nations previously disadvantaged people. Assisting with skills transfer, especially to the disabled and previously disadvantaged women, the Skills Training Courses offered by Sharufa Academy are positioned to allow companies to build on their B-BBEE points.